Wednesday, 2 June 2010

More Ants on a Log (plus one beetle)

I managed to leave work early today to make up for a bit of time owed, so after scoffing down my little pot of home-made sweet potato and lentil curry I strode out into the sunshiney afternoon with a spring in my step. One bike ride later (including a Snake Hill ascent) and I'm back home with a very serious case of the munchies... I mentioned in a previous blog how I was learning to love celery by having "ants on a log instead". Well, I had a load of it in the fridge and in a moment of masterchef-style genius I decided to create - with varying degrees of success - a plethra of other ways to enjoy it. It turns out laughing cow is a subtle but decent combination, but laughing cow and marmite most certainly is not. Adding a dried apricot (or "beetle on a log") to the laughing cow is surprisingly delicious as is "The American" which is peanut butter and jam! I used blackcurrant and can't vouch for other jams of course.. I also added a couple of almonds to peanut butter which tasted nice but was a bit hard going in the crunchy stakes. So there you go, amazing ways to eat celery! And who knew they needed to put water in dried apricots?!
In other news, yesterday was market day and under recommendation from two well-meaning friends I had to go to the bakery stall and get some carrot cake. The very nice man gave me the biggest slice in the world and it was divine! I did also notice that he had the biggest,
most amazing chocolate cookies that I had ever seen, but I managed to avoid getting one (actually, that's a total lie, I was out of change). I then went on to get completely destroyed on the squash court last night but the new league lists should be up today and I reckon it's going to be my month. Just one game, that's all I want! I think avoiding cake should help me win more games, in fact I'm sure of it!

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