Thursday, 9 May 2013

1000 Miles in May

I've missed big cycling epics. Winter was especially unkind to the cyclists of Britain and only the truly hardy and dedicated (of which, this year, I was not) have reached spring in good fitness. Whilst I've dabbled a bit on the bike in March and April I am a long way away from the pedal power I had at this time last year.

Raw Coconut and Lime Pie

This was not just pie-making, this was a coconutty adventure of grand proportions. Firstly, I needed coconut, in many different forms. I saw that Waitrose were selling pre-cut coconut chunks but I always feel far more righteous eating something I've made entirely from scratch so I found two of the hairiest coconuts I've ever seen in my local Asian shop, as well as picking up coconut oil and dessicated coconut. As I wandered home something struck me; my coconut cracking experience was limited to the odd coconut falling and breaking from the coconut shy school fetes. I was approaching 30 and was missing a vital life skill.