Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bar of Plenty

Cadburys have brought out a new chocolate bar, named "Bar of Plenty". It looks very good indeed. Tesco have a special offer on and a 170g bar is £1. We all know how I feel about stuff that costs £1 - it's an irrestible bargain!
I saw it on Tuesday morning when I went in before work to pick up something for lunch, and I managed to stay strong. Then I saw it again on Wednesday morning, I walked past quickly and focused all my attention to the bananas.
Today I went for a cycle this morning at 7.30, absolutely glorious day for it and we ended up doing just a fraction under 50 miles, if I had cycled right up to my front door it would have been spot on. I had the urge afterwards for a decent lunch and popped into town to get one of Reeves' mega lunch rolls - yum! I even picked up a vegan date and walnut cake (that's one thing, not a date with a vegan and a piece of cake) which, even though it was cake, was wholemeal and a very healthy treat methinks.
I went to Tesco with three items in mind, and when I walked past the sprawling and enticing Cadburys display I couldn't help thinking how rubbish and empty my basket looked. £1. I bought the chocolate.
The amazing thing about this story is that the chocolate bar has been in my possession now for approximately 6 hours, and I haven't even eaten it, not even one serving (a serving, FYI, is 3 chunks.. as if!). I'm quite pleased with myself and my own willpower!
The next few days I have a lot more cycling lined up. I will be doing my first cyclosportive on Saturday and I'm very excited indeed - maybe I'll celebrate with the chocolate..

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