Monday, 31 May 2010

Rest days should be renamed "fat days"

Since starting this new hardcore exercise regime I've enjoyed being able to eat a little bit more whilst generally still managing to get a little bit thinner. I only realised after a chat with one of the Tri Club coaches and generally lovely chap, Leo - that I had omitted rest days from the training plan. Apparently this is a very bad idea and rest days are just as important as exercise days... no wonder I had been feeling knackered!
I wrote in two rest days a week. The problem you see, is that after you exercise, all the endorphins release and make you feel happy and amazing. You get home, elated and generally marvellous, excitedly have your whey protein shake and a salad and become a health supremo.
On a rest day however, you wonder what you'll do with all this time you have. Whilst you ponder, you drink copious cups of coffee to stave off the boredom, dipping in your obligatory toffee and pecan cookies. You have hours of extra time to cook up a feast for dinner, followed of course by a selection of cheese and crackers which you had to get because they were on offer, and you have to look at all the offers because you're wandering round the supermarket at a snail's pace in case going any faster would mean you were exercising, and because you're so borrrrrred!
Moral of the story is, I hate rest days and need a hobby that doesn't involve exercise to stop me gorging on them!
On the plus side, today was my day off and started with an early morning round of golf, followed by a lovely 34 mile cycle into the Wylye Valley.
It was then Monday night run time. I headed off with one of the ladies at a cracking pace, she is a bit of a speedster. I was just about managing to hold a conversation and glancing at my watch, amazed at the speed we were running. 3.5 miles later, we were back at the sports centre and the dialogue goes something like:
(Her)"Wow,that was brilliant, wondered if I'd be able to keep up with you, you young whippersnapper"
(Me) "Erm.. I thought I was keeping up with you, I NEVER run that fast!"
(Her) "Oh! Well I'm exhausted I didn't want you to think I was unfit"
Good grief! What a run! Makes up for all that cheese though I suppose!
(p.s. The picture is merely a representation. I did not actually eat this much cheese - promise!)

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  1. Bless you. :) So today was a "rest" day... Somehow you managed to leave that out of the conversation! :-D