Friday, 25 June 2010


Today started off very well indeed. In fact, I sort of did my own mini triathlon. I started with a swim session first thing, then met Michael and went for a fantastic ride on the mountain bikes, then a very quick T2 (transition 2 - changing from bike to run) carrying Roxy up the stairs and very quickly changing into my runners to make the women's Friday afternoon run group which I did make, with about two minutes to spare - phew!
Everything was brilliant.
The biking was outstanding, we hit a great trail and did what felt like a reasonably speedy 25 miles (in the picture we had just topped out of a killer hill - hence the resting!) of mixed terrain madness. I thoroughly enjoyed making the most of my locking forks, switching between bouncy for the trails and fixed for the roads - felt like a total pro. We did a great scary downhill bit with bumps and gravel and all sorts and I didn't even fall off once! It was SO good that I didn't even get sunburnt.. Michael said that it was because we were "riding so fast the sun couldn't catch us".. which I think was probably right!
I was so excited about the success of the ride and energy levels were high, so when I changed into my runners I sprinted over to the sports centre to meet the group and arrived a totally sweaty but very happy mess. We did a lovely 4-miler around some green bits of Salisbury that I didn't even know existed.
After a bit of a rest and a munch I then had a cracking game of badminton with my dad just to finish off a super exercisey day.
After a shower and some more scoffing I sat down at the computer to sort out my ticket for tomorrow's Sportive. I've been very excited about it and the weather is going to be glorious all weekend. I was waiting for today to book the ticket as it's payday, and I had kept checking out the website throughout the month to check there was still plenty of availability. You can see where this is going - SOLD OUT. Noooooo! I am gutted! I even checked the other longer route to see if there were spaces left and that was sold out too.
Ok, not so bad. There will be other sportives. The problem is in my very brief moment of grumpiness I noticed the Bar of Plenty poking it's nutty little purple head out of the box I had put it in.
The "woops" is twofold, woops I didn't book the ticket for the Sportive I've been planning for over a month, and woops for eating a whole Bar of Plenty. D'oh - I was doing so well! At least I chose a day on which I have burned a lof of calories.
The silver lining here is also twofold. 1. That chocolate (which by the way was not 170g as previously stated but a mere 140g) remained uneaten and in my life for over 24 hours which means only one thing - I am indeed a changed woman. 2. I now have a wide open weekend to spend some time with my sister and to take a well-earned rest day!

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