Monday, 28 June 2010

Smoothie does it

A fairly heavy eating weekend mixed with far more relaxing than I'm used to meant the weigh-in this morning was a little bit awful. I did head out on Sunday morning for an 8.5 mile run which is the longest I have managed on my own up until now. But my body sadly didn't take this effort into consideration when I stepped on the scales. Luckily I didn't go over my 9 stone limit but I did hit it.. or more like it hit me. As with all my bad moments though I did immediately feel that something had to be done. So I took out the notepad and pen, planned my food for the day and headed out for an early morning swim. I won't tell you everything I ate but I have been super healthy. One of the girls at work even brought in treats at lunchtime, but she was VERY considerate and she brought solero yogurty ice cream thingys which she quickly informed me were only 90 calories (she's learning, after my rants about the lure of cookies!) so I figured that was a worthwhile addition to my day. I've just finished off with a blueberry, strawberry and grape smoothie, with a scoop of whey and fat-free yoghurt. This combination - let me tell you - is absolutely delicious despite looking like something Barbie could have thrown up. Smoothies are just brilliant. You can throw whatever random things you find in there and mix it all up and mostly it tastes nice. Banana and peanut butter, raspberry and melon and kiwi, grape and lime are a few of the other scrumptious mixture I have discovered. You can throw in vegetables, you can use different flavour yoghurts or milk or just make a crazy juice mixture. It's food-experimentation heaven. Just you and a blender, becoming one. Just a bit of advice though for anyone inspired to make a smoothie. No matter how good an idea you think it is, and even though innocent smoothies have done it, never, ever, ever try to put spinach in a smoothie...

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