Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Back in the Fold

Blimey, it's been a while since I wrote my last EGH blog. A lot has changed: I moved to York and I quit my job to go self-employed. What with starting up my own PT and run coaching business, I must admit my own personal goals have slightly fallen by the wayside. Looking back, I didn't enter a single race in 2016, not one medal or number to display.

What were the positives? Well, it turns out when you train loads of people in Egg-fashion (that is, you join in a lot), it's very good for the old core strength. Being a PT can be a hugely physical job so towards the end of 2016 I had shifted a few pounds and was running faster than ever.

Then there was Christmas... and January. That weight benefit disappeared. A bit of time out with illness and I felt like I was back to square one. I've realised that despite being a pretty effective motivator of others, I'm actually a bit crap when it comes to motivating myself and getting my own training in.

My very good buddy and self-proclaimed coach Emma gave me some solid advice, "Give yourself a clean slate, ignore all the missed opportunies. Forget where you think you should be or wanted to be, put your trainers on and get out the door". Sensible, no nonsense. She's right of course.

So, what's the best way to jump back on the wagon? A CHALLENGE of course!

I haven't done an Egg Goes Healthy challenge in yonks and now is a perfect opportunity because I have a big event coming up. Not a mountain marathon or thousand mile bike ride or swimming across some freezing lake somewhere, nope, I'm getting married. Whilst I'm not bothered about fancy dresses and flowers and all that stuff, I am just about girly enough to admit that I want to feel lean and healthy for my big day.

Tomorrow, on March 1st - I'm going to begin a strictly healthy one month regime of no booze, no chocolate, sweets, desserts or biscuits. Not even a spoonful of Ben & Jerrys. In March I'm going to run 100 miles, cycle 500 miles and swim a minimum of 10,000m (a lot for someone that has managed 566m apparently in the last three months). Finally, my biggest challenge of the lot, is to perfect the handstand.

Standby for updates!