Monday, 7 June 2010

Dancing is waaaay better than aerobics

Saturday started off well. Just over 45 miles of cycling in the sunshine set me up nicely for the day. I didn't even have cake when we stopped for a breather! Next I was heading to Oxford to catch up with an old friend. I admit I did have a chocolate cookie from the market for the journey (one of those ones I mentioned before that's as big as a plate) but I did feel it was justified having just cycled lots.. plus I've been thinking and dreaming about it since I first laid eyes on it and I needed closure. Now I knew the no-drinking rule was going to go out of the window. I just said to myself that I wouldn't go mad and I definitely wouldn't get drunk enough that an end of night kebab would ever sound like a good idea. After a very tasty but sensible dinner we started on the cocktails. I was only logical choice seeing as I'm trying to get my five a day in. A raspberry is still fruit even if it contains tequila. If I remember rightly (which I do, as I was not too drunk that I can't remember) we were in the club pretty near opening time and then spent the next 3 -4 hours on the dancefloor, in fact, not just on the dancefloor but ruling the dancefloor. It's been a while since I've been clubbing and what happened can only really be described as an eruption of pent up dancing energy. The perspiration produced was far greater than say, going for a run, meaning this dance session definitely counts as exercising. All the thrusting must count as well! Much hilarity followed the next day, so the stomach got a good workout too. And whilst we fantasised about KFC and Chinese, we ended up eating a very tasty homemade lamb curry. Basically what could've been a horrifically unhealthy weekend actually worked out very well balanced all in all - hurrah!


  1. Ellen whats all this blog stuff about? Just saw the link on Facebook. George. x

  2. well done lil egg, thrusting must burn lots of cals!