Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Banging out tunes - UE Boom 2

I've recently discovered an amazing outdoor, waterproof speaker that is super loud and ideal for training outside in all weathers. It's no bigger than a water bottle and is a truly brilliant bit of kit.

For any fitness professionals out there doing boot camps or running circuit classes, this is what you need. Long gone are the days of dragging a huge amp around with you!

This can be rolled around on wet grass and used in the pouring rain, it has a simple Bluetooth connection so you can link it to your phone/tablet etc and if you download the app you can even get software updates from the manufacturer.

Buy it, you won't regret it!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Crampy, Keto Newport Half

It might have been a silly idea to start this crazy nutritional experiment a week before running a half marathon, but I love a silly idea every now and again. I couldn't even say I was relying on good, solid training for this one because I've been having a very gentle winter but it wouldn't be the first half marathon I've winged and I'm sure it won't be the last. Either way, it was going to be an excellent way to see if being on a ketogenic diet really does make a difference. Would I really miss the carbs?!

Pre-race fueling was courtesy of Chiquitos. Watching the waitress's face slowly become more confused as I gave my dinner request was entertaining, "I would like the Chilli Con Carne please, except instead of the rice, can I just have loads of sour cream, and I don't want any tortillas thanks but could I have extra guacamole? Ooh, and please leave off the re-fried beans but I'll have extra cheese instead." It's a weird thing to get your head around. Still, they provided, and I was a very happy customer.

Ashton Court parkrun and Keto Snacking

Just over a year ago we ventured over to Ashton Court to do the well-known big uphill, and big downhill. Sadly, ice had stopped play so we were left parkrun-less. Yesterday however, Facebook confirmed it was on and so we headed on over. This was going to be a good test for the ketogenic diet.

We'd stayed over in Bristol the night before and had decided on a hotel picnic. It is hard work finding keto snack food; I found myself angrily searching the yoghurt aisle in for a non low-fat breakfast option and there were none, none at all. Dinner was an interesting combination of spinach with oodles of Caesar dressing, olives with cheese and the fabulous new canapĂ© idea, salami topped with guacamole and prawn.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Going Keto

I'm obsessed with food; eating it, cooking it, planning when or how I'm going to eat it, thinking about eating every minute of the day. I enrolled in a nutrition course, thinking that would be a healthier outlet in which to obsess over it. The more I learn and and the more papers I read, the more I'm convinced that what the Government recommend we all consume on a daily basis is all very wrong. I'm not going to go on a big campaign or a rant about it, that isn't my style. Obviously the Egg way to go about this, is self-experimentation. Go against everything, do something completely un-recommended, do it wholeheartedly and report on how very wrong or very right it went.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Off Season

The off season used to terrify me. The mere idea of taking a break from structured, intensive training caused me huge anxiety about vast fitness losses and weight gain.

Of course I'm older and wiser about it now, I've learned the benefits of taking real time out. It isn't about hibernating entirely, but taking the pressure out of exercise and doing it because you want to, not because you feel you have to. Ideally, this would be the case all year round but realistically most of us are inherently lazy and need a goal or event on the horizon to motivate us into action.