Friday, 18 June 2010

One Month Down

A whole month has passed since I decided I was going to change my life around and get healthy.
I wanted to look back at the goals I set myself and see where I was at..
1. To swim 400m comfortably.
Well, this one is coming along. At least now I can indeed physically swim 400m which is a huge improvement on my previous standards! It has involved some hardcore early mornings in the pool fighting for space with ruthless pensioners but despite this progress has certainly been made. It's not quite at the "comfortable" stage yet but I'm definitely on track.
2. Stop drinking.
Apart from the aforementioned trip to Oxford and wine during Mother's visit this has been entirely successful. I think two indiscretions in a month is quite acceptable?! Wine is grapes anyway, which brings me to...
3. Eat way more fruit, eat way, way less cookies.
The fruit bit of this has been easy. I've been stocking up in vast amounts from the market and creating all manner of bizarre smoothie concoctions, as well as keeping fruit snacks available on my person at all times for moments of weakness.
I have actually been good with the cookies as well, it's been quite some time since I had any and I purposely try not to look directly at them when I'm in the supermarket. If they know I'm looking they'll make me eat them.
I have even been making super posh, healthy lunches at work. Check out my stuffed peppers!
I have had the odd cake, mainly on market day when the man with the biggest chunks of cake in the world for a measley 75p comes out to play - I just can't resist the bargain.
Also, next door to the shop is a Health Food Shop who have freshly made goodies every day. I have succumbed twice to their pecan flapjacks but I haven't counted this as a naughty because it must be healthy, it's all in the name?!
4. Break the 9 stone barrier - for good!
I am happy to report that I am there! For a week now I have been sitting juuuust under, and more importantly, keeping the weight fairly constant. Hurrah! I must keep up the healthy living though in order to maintain this!!
5. Run an 8 minute mile.
Like the swimming, this one is going to take a bit longer to reach the required standard. Getting out and running with faster people has been (absolutely knackering) the best thing and has sped up my own pace a good amount. I have dropped from averaging 10:30 minute miles in all my runs to being able to maintain a 9-9:30 minute mile. I don't want to try to do too much too fast so I'm happy with the progress on this goal.
In general I'm fitter and healthier than I was a month ago, wooohoooo! Thanks for messages of support I've had too, it really does help. Let's keep the health train on the tracks!

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  1. Well done mon petite oeuf!! If only your Mother could have such strong conviction!! And, I must say I thoroughly enjoy Reading your blog. Quite inspiring xx