Saturday, 9 April 2011

First Triathlon of 2011

Tomorrow will be my first triathlon of the year, and second proper one ever. Bizarrely, it sort of feels like I've done loads before as I've been hanging out, training with and chatting loads with actual experienced triathletes. As a result I am feeling much calmer today than I felt on the eve of my first ever tri last year.

However I have not evaded the pre-race jitters completely. Whilst I am very excited and have definitely put the training in, I may have been a little optimistic with regards to the swim time I put down on the registration form. Having seen the start times, I have somehow been placed in a wave of people whom I consider to be really rather good athletes (read: very bloody quick). 

Last year the main concern was just physically being able to swim the 440m, this year the main concern is not being the big loser who drags herself out of the pool about two minutes after everybody else. Hopefully a flash of awesome swimming technique will wash over me or I'll be able to draft a good swimmer for the 600m swim. At the very least least I'm hoping than swimming in a fast wave will make me up my game and rise to the challenge. Either way I know as soon as I'm out of the pool I'll be breathing a massive sigh of relief!

So if everybody could just cross their fingers for me and pray that there is a) a couple of really slow swimmers in my wave that I can beat out and b) no terrible transition fails like falling off the bike as I mount/dismount etc.

Now you must excuse me whilst I continue to "carb load".. where did I put those scones?

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