Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Note About Hills

No matter how much technology advances,
Paint will still be the greatest program ever
I love hills. I love walking up them, I love running up them, I love finding big grassy ones and rolling down them but most of all, I love powering up as fast as my legs and lungs will take me on my bicycle.

Technically, I am not particularly skilled in the act of ascending and descending on the bike. In fact I really need to do a whole lot of improving my hill climbing before I attempt the Tour of Wessex. However, I do think that what I may lack in technique and fitness I make up for in mettle, tenacity and a positive ment-hill attitude!

The trick is to not fear the hill. Don't go into it thinking you won't get up it. Don't even think "Gah.. I hate this but I know it's good training". Think of the hill as your sworn enemy; whom you must strike down with every centimetre of black, rubbery weapon at your disposal. Attack each fiendish lump of tarmac with the intention of riding your noble steed over it's fallen body and enjoying the exhilarating rush of speed as you depart the hilly battlefield.

What's that? Don't have your carb drink at lunchtime Egg you loon?

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  1. Brilliant! Every uphill struggle we take is definitely worth it, because the nearer you are to the sky the closer you are to the silver lining xxx