Friday, 23 July 2010

First Time Nerves

I generally try not to get worried about most things. Stressing and worrying is, in my mind, a bit of a waste of energy and is something best left to a pro; such as my mum. I'm better at taking a step back, seeing the big picture and remaining as cool as a cucumber...

...or so I would have you believe.

On Sunday I will be partaking in my first ever triathlon. This is something I never, ever intended to do. I only joined the local club to find some new people to run with,  and the next thing I knew I had a shiny (and very skinny) set of wheels and was being naively convinced that swimming is the answer to all of my dreams. Indoctrinated even, it's like a cult!

Well OK, actually nothing like a cult. What really happened was I met a group of people who were regular, ordinary folk who were doing rather extraordinary things. Training for three different sports, at the same time?! Fancy that. I was inspired and after one stint as a spectator, I knew I had to give it a go.

So, I decided that I would wait until the end of July. Loads of time. I could get fit, learn to swim properly etc etc. Well it turns out it's not loads of time, it's two days away, and under this super icy-chilled exterior I won't lie to you, I am FREAKING OUT.

Doing three sports in one race, there is so much to remember; two sets of shoes, goggles, helmet, must pump up the tyres before I go and ensure the lady is well oiled, gloves, sunglasses, two pairs of socks? Do you need to change them? No, I reckon one will do. A towel?  Do I need to dry off when I get out of the pool, will I slide off my bike otherwise? Food, I'll definitely need to refuel at some point. Maybe a bottle on the bike and then another one so I don't have to get the bike bottle out when I'm trying to get through the first transition. Got to put elastic laces in my trainers, how tight do they need to be? Better bring suncream too, just in case, but when on earth do I put that on?!

Clothing-wise, it's easy. I've gone with a one-piece tri suit. But will I be able to swim in it? Forget swimming, there's a bit of seat padding in it, will I be able to RUN in that?! I accidentally ran in bike shorts once and that is one disgustingly sweaty experience I do not wish to repeat. 

It's not even the function of the garment, it's the fact I have to wear a tiny lycra suit in front of crowds of people! Good grief. Do you wear a sports bra underneath? Will that integral support be enough or am I going to be Miss Bouncy Bouncerson?! I jumped around my bedroom in it and it seemed alright I suppose, I'm sure it'll be fine.

You have to run from the pool to the transition area where you find your bike. Is it worth having another pair of shoes for that little run? Am I going to hurt my feet if I go barefoot? My head is going to explode, there is simply too much to think about!

Time to take a deep breath... if anyone has any answers to ANY of the above questions I will gladly listen.

The truth is, I've trained and I should be able to get through it. It might not be smooth, it might not be pretty and yes, it's fairly likely I'll look like a beached whale trying to get out of the pool at the deep end, fall off my bike at the transition and be in such a rush I eat my bike gloves and squirt carb gel in my hands BUT, I will get through it.

I will spend tomorrow (very sensibly) scoffing ice cream at the Ben and Jerrys Festival which should be excellent for pre-race day nutrition. I'll make sure I eat lots of Cherry Garcia and other flavours that contain fruit.

If everybody could please send me positive and calming vibes for Sunday - I shall very much appreciate it. 

Now, I have some palpitations to sort out..


  1. Dont worry Lil egg we'll have lots of chill and also make sure you get lots of fruit based ice cream tomorrow

  2. You are right Egg, it IS like a cult. At least yours promises you ice cream though. Last week at my first tri I got nuttin! I did have the pre-race jitters much like you, but they were soon cast aside, then the fun ensued.

    Relax and do the best YOU can do. Good luck!