Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Wondrous Timed Brick

I've been indulging in the joy of brick sessions since the moment I was back running in January. Even with my arm in a sling I would leap off the turbo and go for a little run get get used to that wobbly, off-the-bike sensation.

Last week the Downton 10k was good brick practise too as we put in a solid bike ride before the run. Personally I find running is often easier off the bike as your legs are properly warmed up and still ticking over nicely.

Last night was the first official Tri Club brick session of the year. It just so happened that as it was the first Friday of the month, it would also be a timed one. Timed bricks are great as you can really see your progression as you get faster on the same course, an ideal training tool really. However, put the word 'timed' into anything and I hear 'race'. A sensible idea would be to do the first one at a steadier pace to gauge your time and then build over the course of the summer. It appears I'm not very good at sensible though and from the word GO, I was determined to go as fast as possible.

I could feel my legs burning within five minutes as I tried desperately to catch Pete who was in front of me (never gona happen!). I was hammering it on the course and having a bit of a back and forth tussle with the only other female, we must have passed each other four or five times; great fun and it just made me even more determined to keep pushing. 

I came into 'transition' (a patch of grass on the side of the road) maybe 10 or 15 seconds before my female rival. I had to get changed a bit, get the gloves off and tie up my shoelaces properly (should have gone with the elastics!) etc. In fact I'd faffed so much that she'd completely overtaken me and try as I did, I just couldn't catch her on the run.

I came in, red-faced, sweating and absolutely buzzing. Knowing you're being timed and a bit of healthy competition really makes you push yourself. I was pleased to learn that (not including the whole transition bit) I'd knocked a good two and a half minutes at least off my run time from last year and the bike was easily my fastest average speed EVER. Chuffed!

Bring on the bricks!!


  1. You were awesome! Just posted up the times on the message board if you want to have a look. Well done! :)