Saturday, 23 April 2011

Loving the Lake

Ellingham Lake is definitely one of the best places you can be at 6:15 on a Saturday morning. Seeing the sun rise over the trees and glisten off the cool, clear water far surpasses any of this laying in bed nonsense. If the early morning exercise or idyllic location doesn't do anything for you then it's worthwhile going just to see buff, neoprene-clad men whimpering as they enter the water past thigh level.

AJ showing the blokes how it should be done
There's something a little bit hardcore about open water swimming in April; it's still cold enough and early enough in the year for some (wussy) people to think that it's an absolutely bonkers idea. I thought I was one of the gnarly ones as I avoided the whole 'dipping the toe in' thing and strolled - nonchalantly - down the ramp. I had, however, forgotten just how slimy the ramp actually was and I stopped looking gnarly the moment I slipped in up to my neck made an exclamation that must have been something along the lines of "gosh, it's jolly chilly isn't it!".

Hannah provided the early morning entertainment with her
dinosaur/centurion impression

After a few minutes of paddling out, that initial cold burst subsided and the water felt lovely. I have a feeling my swimming lull might be over. Swimming just doesn't get better than this!

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