Monday, 11 April 2011

Epic Lent Fail

At the moment weight loss is not one of my official goals. I keep an eye on it and so long as I stay a few pounds below my 9 stone limit, I am happy. Obviously I would love be closer to 8 stone but I'm not going to go on a crazy diet to make this happen. I actually started to get closer in the last couple of weeks without even really trying; my weight plateau was broken a remarkably simple combination of sensible eating and sensible training - it really does work!

So on Friday last week I hit a new lowest weight ever and was sitting at just under 8 and a half stone, I felt fantastic! Then, I began the "carb-loading" for the race. Sadly all my sensibleness went out the window and I used this as an excuse to satisfy my inner gluttonous instincts.

I won't tell you everything I ate because there is a limit as to how many words a person can read before they fall asleep, but believe me when I say it was really quite a lot. I visited relatives on Friday night and it would have been rude to say no to cake and biscuits. I could have stopped at one portion of cake, or one biscuit.. but I didn't.

On Saturday I ate not one, but two easter eggs (massive fail!) and all the associated yummies that come with it. In my head I justified this with it being fuel for race day, but in reality I know I slipped up. I ate pizza and ice creams (note; plural) because this is pretty much all I ate before my first triathlon and it seemed to really work for me. 

Basically out of everything I gave up for Lent, I pretty much managed to have a bit.. or a lot.. of all of them!

What a lot of people would do now is to say "Right, I've failed, it's over!", but this is where you should take your inspiration from and start afresh. It's very easy to get back into old habits but the real trick is just accepting that you messed up, letting it go, and getting yourself back on the straight and narrow.


  1. Check out the Mayo Diet my darling. High protein.. I have cereal, fruit, normal tea and coffee etc. Lot's of eggs and fish.. Nothing else. Just three eggs lunch, fish later on. Dinner light.. With exercise it's shedding off without drasticlly loosing weight and gives you energy for work out. Mix some carbs in there before exercise if you feel you need it.. Your doing super McEgg.. Keep it up ;D xxxx

  2. Egg, food was meant to be made to enjoy! Don't deprive yourself of anything :) You do enough sport to allow for your so called messing up