Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Juice Detox Day 3: Tesco Temptation

Clearly I spoke too soon yesterday, and clearly I have some things to learn about the digestive system. Let's just say it appears the solids have all left the system.

In other news, I attempted a double gym class session today to test out the energy levels and continued to be surprised by just how much energy I actually had. Juice is obviously fuelled the engine quite efficiently. After refuelling, a quick dash to town was required as I'd run out of a few of the "essentials", not bread and milk but spinach, apples and cucumber. It is quite astonishing how much fruit and veg you get through.

Then something happened. I spied out of the corner of my eye the bakery section and a load of gleaming yellow stickers; something tasty was on offer. I slowed my gait just enough to glance over and to my utter dismay I saw my favourite, Tesco Finest cookies going for £1. First of all I tried to tell myself to buy some now to have when the detox is over, but it would be too dangerous having them in the house. I remembered a conversation with Sarah from yesterday when I was all on a juice high and I said that I felt so brilliant that I wanted to buy some cookies just to throw them on the floor and stamp all over them, to which she responded "ooh, they'd probably go well in a smoothie after that". I rose above it and told myself "Egg, you don't need those cookies in your life, what you need is more vegetables", so I strode onwards, quietly pleased with myself. Less than 30 seconds later and I passed the hot meat counter, I stopped just to take in the chickeny aroma and almost convinced myself that one sausage or a couple of chicken legs wouldn't really make a difference. I quickly walked away but the combination of meat and cookies had gotten me in a bad headspace and I felt the urge to buy something I shouldn't. I was a massive rebel and went with some grapes. They weren't on the list and I could juice them into "wine" to have with my soup, perfect!

The other challenge of the day inspired by my Canadian buddy Kit was to take some slightly more creative juice photos than just the standard juice-in-a-glass-on-the worktop. I challenged Sarah and the outcomes are below! Day 3 down, and I haven't been hungry once!

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