Monday, 16 July 2012

Juice Detox Day 2: Swimming on Juice

The avocado drama continued this morning, I carefully unwrapped my newspaper package of bananas and avocados to discover they were still rock solid. A quick dash to Sainsbury for some ripe & ready ones solved the problem and I could get on with my day without the saga continuing.

Philips Avance Collection HR1871/00 800 Watt Juicer in Brushed Stainless Steel
After my breakfast juice I hit the gym and went to a spinning class. Now it has been a while since I've span, but my gosh it felt like such hard work! I certainly didn't feel like I was buzzing with energy but I haven't felt like that much recently in general so I can't blame the juice. I can blame the juice for starting to feel a bit hungry though. In fact I was in such a rush to make my post-exercise brunch juice that I left out a vital ingredient - two apples - and had more of a concentrated carrot and beetroot juice. It still tasted nice but I felt like somehow I was going to be under-nourished by missing out the apples!

Sarah joining me for a spirulina smoothie, yum!
Sarah, fellow (and experienced) juicer and 7 day challenge buddy, popped over for a lunch juice and that did keep my appetite at bay. Whilst she sort of motivated me to get started and gave me the book to read, it turns out I sort of motivated her as well so she decided to join me on the 7 day detox. We're having a few little competitions along the way to make it even more fun than it already is. I'm not even being sarcastic, juicing is strangely fun!

One thing that isn't as fun is the amount of time I have spent on the toilet. I am clearly one very well-hydrated lady. I'm also one slightly bemused and confused lady, because there are still plenty of solids at the toilet end which I wasn't really expecting, where on earth are they coming from?!

This bowl is deceptively enormous. It easily fits
half a box of crunchy nut clusters and then some..
Even after a mid-afternoon juice, I hadn't quite kicked the hunger. A spinach, watercress, rocket and sweet potato soup was prepped and I decided a small bowl was required before shooting off for an evening lake session. I even made a mini 'isotonic' juice drink to keep me going during the swim, which wasn't strictly in the plan, but I felt it was justified! Whilst I had felt a bit sluggish and tired for most of the day, the swim was very energetic and actually ended up being just about the furthest I have ever swam. I emerged feeling rather marvellous and the hunger had subsided... not for long though. As soon as I got home I was ravenous and completely demolished the rest, filling my bowl almost to the brim.

I have read that days 2 and 3 are the hardest (and Sarah, who has done this before, backed that up) in terms of your body getting used to being fuelled on juice and thinking you're hungry, so as long as I can get through tomorrow I should be just fine. One positive thing is coming out of all this though: despite being a little bit tired and a little bit hungry, it's putting me in a jolly good mood and that alone is making it entirely worthwhile!


  1. Hey Egg. Gooooood blog (or should I say log). I was just sitting here having evil thoughts about starting my day with a bowl of cereal rather than a delicious smoothy. I'd even told myself that I won't be able to work without proper food. I'm now feeling quite shamed and am off to mix a concoction!

  2. Whoops- so hungry I spelt 'smoothie' wrong!