Monday, 28 February 2011

Dip Me In Salad

If you aren't a friend of mine on facebook you may not know that yesterday, after visiting my Aunt and Uncle, I came away with something close to 10kgs of chocolate-related produce. At any other time in my life this would have filled me with huge amounts of happiness. Unfortunately, it has come at just the wrong time and so I have tried to stash it in various places and hide it from myself so it doesn't interfere with all my healthy eating!

I will be attempting to eat it in moderation. Hmm.

This visit (as I anticipated) resulted in me feeling like a complete bloater, full of cake and the like. Much to my dismay I stepped on the scales this morning and appeared to have gained a couple of pounds as well.. not really surprising as it hasn't been an enormously active weekend and there has been a lot of food involved!

So I kicked off my week with some freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and a muesli/all bran, yoghurt and raisin combo. Lunch involved a very colourful salad and my late afternoon munch was a bagel with "healthy bacon" (i.e. just the medallion bits and none of the fat).

Then I got in from work and had one, yes, just ONE bit of chocolate. Success all round!

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