Saturday, 26 February 2011

Today I am mostly eating.. calories

When you begin considering nutrition and trying to be super healthy, you stop thinking of food as food and you start thinking of food as calories. I've started to notice how many calories are in everything and to be honest, that's really, really boring! It's also not a healthy way of thinking about food, as then you try to do enough exercise to even out the calories and by the time you've done that much exercise you're absolutely ravenous and you end up eating more and getting into a vicious food and exercise circle which inevitably ends in a pile of tired, chocolate oozing Egg.

So long as the diet is full of good, nutritious food then I am happy. Recently it has been good, I've been taking big salads to work and getting plenty of fruit and veg. That was until the last week, and then it has all gone a bit crazy..

First there was the wedding. Then, for my sister's birthday we ended up at Pizza Hut for an all you can eat buffet. Now this could have gone a whole lot worse, I ended up eating five plates of food. This might sound like a lot to some of you but if you know me at all you'll know that I'm a double figures sort of girl, and that this outing involved me showing quite a lot in the way of restraint. In addition, I know my big sis will vouch for me when I say that half of each plate (well, alright, a third) was full of salad. But nonetheless, still a lot of those nasty calories.

Then yesterday amidst a a massive study session I got an urge for something sweet. This resulted in a dash to Tesco for a tub of Ben and Jerrys. However, again in my defence, a slightly healthy decision was made. I did go for the frozen yoghurt instead of the actual ice cream. I won't bother telling you that I immediately scoffed the lot, that is a given.

Today I completed a week of utter naughtiness by chowing down on a pack of my favourite - you guessed it - triple chocolate cookies. I should mention here though that I put them back twice before I actually purchased them, so my conscious is starting to kick in, it's just not quite strong enough just yet!

Perhaps I am giving myself a bit of a hard time. I've been training hard and shouldn't feel guilty about having a few treats in addition my my otherwise healthy diet.

The problem is that I always blog when I've been naughty and so everybody thinks that all I do is eat cake and then hit the gym. So, starting Monday (after a curry night tonight and a family lunch which I'm sure will be full of those pesky calories) I shall keep a food diary on the blog and amaze you all with my brilliant breakfasts, lovely lunches and deliciously un-decadent dinners!

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