Thursday, 10 February 2011


Having worked for two seasons in a ski resort, I know better than most that when people go on a skiing holiday, they spend a bit of time skiing, a bit more time having coffee stops and a lot of time eating cheese and indulging in general aprรจs activities. 

However, this isn't "Egg Goes Skiing", this is "Egg Goes Healthy" and I knew that my ski holiday would be different. I envisaged day starting with a run and a bowl of Swiss muesli, a hard day of  piste-pummelling and a healthy dinner followed by a yoga session to stretch out those aching legs.

A few of us being very colourful at the Swiss border
On the first day I stepped into my skis and for the whole day I wondered where on earth my skiing ability had disappeared to. All control went out the window and I threw myself on the floor in a dramatic fashion several times to avoid collisions or just because it was the only way to prevent myself from flying down the piste at an alarming speed. The snow conditions here aren't good, not a drop has fallen since before Christmas and the pistes are hard-packed with patches of ice springing up in the most unexpected places. I kept telling myself that it wasn't me, it was just the rubbish snow.

As it turns out, it was just me. Once I'd gotten the ski legs back after that first day, I was flying. Unfortunately flying isn't conducive to good skiing.. apparently. Our chalet host Marge very sensibly advised me "Egg, you're never gona get better at turning if you never make any turns". Point noted. 

So instead of scaring myself stupid and ploughing through schools of fluorescent-clad children, I made it my goal to take it easy and learn to control the speed a little better.

We are four days in and for the most part, this healthy plan of mine has been working out. I've been for a couple of pre-ski runs, eaten lots of salads, stayed off the booze and I have even managed a spot of yoga. The skiing has improved vastly and I definitely feel back on form, if not a little battered and bruised from that first day!

We had a bit of an epic adventure today but as I'm so tired from all the fresh mountain air and alpine sunshine, I'll save that tale for another day. 

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