Thursday, 3 March 2011

Food Diary Fail

Everyone I know that has tried to lose weight has been told "keep a food diary". It does work because if you are actually truthful and write everything down you can see how much rubbish you eat that you would otherwise forget about; like when colleagues bring in biscuits, or you share a bit of chocolate with a friend to help them. The problem is (and this is why my daily food update has failed) is that it is such a massive effort.. and that's why most people manage it for a maximum of a week and then vow to just be healthier because they can't stand all the writing and calorie counting.
Tuesdays Houmous Delight

A lady I work with is currently on a calorie counting mission and I watch every day in amazement as she calculates the calories from all the food she has weighed that morning. It is serious dedication! For one of my salads that would involve weighing about four or five food types, and I spend enough time in the morning faffing about as it is let alone weighing everything I’m going to eat!

I also spend so much time deciding what to eat, preparing it, fitting it like a complex 3D jigsaw into my rucksack and enjoying it that I just can’t be doing with writing it all down as well.


Carrot Consumption
Ants on logs!
However, I will tell you that I have been very healthy since Monday. My daily lunchtime salads have been going down a treat and anybody at work that sees my ‘ants on a log’ snack is always jealous at how yummy it looks (if you missed the ‘ants on a log’ business.. have a look here). Breakfasts have been hearty and healthy; yesterdays effort of porridge with wheat germ and chopped, super-ripe banana was delicious and today I had a poached egg on half a bagel, the other half of which I chowed down on when I got to work after a very frosty ride in.

But here’s the bit you really want to know about. Do I have any chocolate left? As I matter of fact, yes, I do. I have been eating it of course but I have managed to consume it in some form of moderation. The Ferrero Roches and Milk Tray have both been open since Monday and both have considerably over half of their contents left, so I am pleased with my own will power thus far!

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  1. Well done on still having chocolates left . Your salads look good enough to eat ha ha xx