Saturday, 20 August 2011

Food for Weight Control

The first few days of the Cheer Up Challenge have actually gone very well. There have been a number of cakey temptations in work that I have smugly evaded and I managed to walk away from half price Ben & Jerrys in Tesco (after spending probably two minutes staring longingly into the freezer cabinet).

You may have noticed I've been adding a few recipes on the blog under  Egg's Eats. As I have so much extra time on my hands that would have normally been spent doing some form of physical activity, I figured it would be a good time to be creating (and of course, eating) good, healthy recipes. Some of these creations have not been worth adding and some - quite frankly - have been absolute disasters, but nonetheless I enjoy all the playing with food.

This enforced time off any hardcore exercise has actually made me realise how much I have been using exercise, rather than food, for weight control. I'll justify a triple pack of jaffa cakes with a tough, hilly 50 miles on the bike or I'll balance out an all-you-can-eat chinese buffet with a hardcore gym sesh followed by a spinning class and a 10km run. What would really be better was if I just ate a little bit more sensibly (or to be honest, a little bit less) and then just did a normal person's amount of exercise.

Seeing if I can maintain my current weight on no exercise is probably more of a challenge than avoiding triple chocolate cookies, but I am going to give it a very good go! Saying that I am off to another wedding this afternoon so eating sensibly is not going to be easy. What's that? Wedding buffet? As I won't be engaging in my usual wedding trick of making crazy shapes on the dance floor, I'll have to find an alternative fun activity to keep my mind off the food!

Of course with all the drugs I am currently on that activity could very well be sleeping...

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