Friday, 12 August 2011

Bouncing Off Cars

My post-Canada training plan was going marvellously; I had come back with fresh motivation and was even keen to get in the pool and get some serious swimming time in on the lead up to Bala in September. My intention was do to the Swanage Olympic distance triathlon this weekend as a bit of a tester, mostly to see how I would find the swim but also to have a good, hilly blast on the 25 mile course.

Unfortunately this plan was scuppered by a man in a silly orange car that decided to not look in the direction of oncoming traffic and to drive straight into the side of me instead as I cycled home from work earlier in the week. It wasn't a very dramatic, high-speed collision - in fact it was almost slow-motion - but it was enough to give me a good jolt and cause Bianca a bit of damage.

Once I'd pulled myself and the bike to the pavement, the man has already driven off. Fortunately a whole host of very nice members of the public came to check on me and handed me bits of paper with their details for witness statements. I spent the evening in A&E getting checked out whilst AJ forced me to consume coke "for the shock" and I tried to force him to share bags of sweets with me but ended up eating all of them myself.

I realised on that evening how very lucky I am to have such an amazing bunch of friends and family who were willing to come and help me out with whatever I needed. Even though I wasn't in too bad a shape, I still had people rallying around and offering me food, lifts, hugs, cups of tea and shared anger at the mystery man in the orange car.

I woke up the next morning feeling like an old woman with a stiff neck and a sore back. Whilst the neck has started to ease up I am having to take it very easy as each time I think I'm okay and attempt some sort of physical exertion I verge on having some sort of back spasm. Of course everybody is telling me to rest and I know that this is what I must do, but I need to test out such activities to assess my limits!

The main problem is that as I have been sat in for the last couple of evenings all grumpy and feeling sorry for myself, I have reverted to naughty unhealthy Egg ways and been munching a whole load of cakes, biscuits, crisps and sweets. It could be a mild depression as I am having Bianca withdrawal symptoms (I know you're wondering, she has been to Dr Dave who has managed to bash her just about back into shape, but he doesn't think she'll ever be quite as good as before).

My main focus therefore, should be to make all this non-exercise time as productive as possible by perfecting some of my healthy recipes, getting them up on the blog and sharing the healthy love.

In the meantime, if you see me perusing the biscuit aisle, please redirect me to somewhere more appropriate..

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