Saturday, 16 July 2011

Second Tri at Andover

A whole year ago I did my first ever triathlon and I was spending the whole day before completely freaking out. This year I am really happy to be repeating the event courtesy of Andover Tri and seeing if I can knock some time off.

I've been very sensible with training this week and have had the prescribed rest and all that stuff, now I just need to manage not to get into that 'carbo-loading' zone where I somehow make myself believe that two tubs of ice cream and a triple pack of jaffa cakes will benefit my race.

The start list is up and I am very pleased with an enormously civilised start time of 08:50. I do of course have the classic "everyone in that swim wave is going to be so much faster than me and I really should have done more swimming" jitters, but other than that, I'm actually feeling quite relaxed and just looking forward to getting out there and trying to race hard.

So - time for the nitty gritty - goals. My goal is to take a whole ten minutes of last years time (2:03:07), which is probably a little bit optimistic, but there's no point setting an easy target is there?! 

A minute and a half off the swim, five minutes off the bike, three minutes off the run and thirty seconds saved in transition by losing the gloves and additional faff. I am still deciding whether to go sock-less, but I think that might just be a step too far. I need some level of comfort!

Bring on the race!

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