Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Ode to Lent (for health, not for Jesus)

With so many of us out here watching our weight,
This day can save us from our unhealthy fate.

Now is the the time to give up the treats,
For a whole forty days it is quite a feat.

But choose something naughty, give it up, take the leap,
In forty days time, what benefits you'll reap!

Be it chocolate or booze or smoking or cake,
Whatever it is, what a difference it'll make.

Get your friends to support you or make them join in,
Hell, throw a party and chuck the treats in the bin!

Don't leave it 'til tomorrow or 'after the weekend'
Stop now, today, that's what I recommend!

Challenge your willpower, challenge yourself,
Think of your body, think of your health.

Okay so we shouldn't need an excuse like Lent to make us give up stuff, we shouldn't need New Year to make new resolutions either but these events are there and they do help inspire us to make a change. 

Loads of my friends and colleagues are taking on 'Challenge Lent' this year, so I'm officially wishing everyone good luck and happy willpower. Don't give up, you'll feel awesome in forty days time!

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