Sunday, 26 September 2010

Starve a fever, feed a cold

It appears that when I am poorly, I lose the little willpower I have and very easily cave in to the philosophy that eating will cure me. Perhaps it's true, a few days rest and some excellent nourishment would help to get the body back on track, the body is a temple and all that.. Well, right now my body isn't so much a temple, it's more of a prison that I have stuffed full of baddies. Whilst I have consumed the customary chicken soup and eaten loads of orangery for my vitamin C, I have also packed this particular facility with almost every foodie criminal known to man.

The thing is, the more you overfill your cells with these calorific convicts, the more dilapidated the place becomes. Then when it really starts falling apart they'll all escape and spread their vandalistic crimes throughout the outer wings of the prison. In simpler terms, I eat and I'm still poorly, but just fatter.

These crazy metaphors have probably come from me being feverish and delusional, but keeping with the prison theme.. I think it could be time to send in the big green guards...

The silver lining here I suppose is that the last time I was poorly it gave me an enormous motivation to kick start my whole healthy lifestyle in the first place. Now that I've been unable to do any form of exercise for a few days on account of feeling so rough, I've never felt more determined to get going again!

As soon as I'm feeling better I shall be back on a strict regime. Until then, I need to stop letting so many of these very desirable undesirables in!


  1. love it..... you make me laugh esp the bit "i eat but im still poorly but just fatter" hahah......... your be back hun..