Thursday, 9 September 2010

A bit of a weight

I think I must have some extra testosterone knocking around in here somewhere because I just can't get enough of weight training. There's something so satisfying about being able to lift more metal than you could lift before.

It's very much a personal thing, the only real competition is yourself. You can't compare yourself to anyone else because their goals could be completely different to your own. But everybody always does anyway. Don't pretend you don't either.. we are all guilty. During my leg endurance phase I was pushing tiny weights and was sure I got some weird glances from people who were probably thinking I was some puny girl who wasn't putting any effort in.

I am as guilty as the next person. I constantly sneak a peek at other girls around my size and see what they're lifting, makes me feel marvellous about myself if I know I can do more. If they turn out to be thin AND stronger then it just spurs me on to work harder. It's all one big egotistical, motivational cycle. What's even more thrilling than that is when you see a skinny 20-something year old man struggling with a set, then you go and choose the next weight up and pump it out, to the only-just-detectable nod of approval from the seriously hardcore men who have biceps bigger than your head. Cruel, yes. But the skinny boy will learn from that and go forward.. probably.

My current only issue is the battle of the bulk. The battle of the bulge is still a battle in itself but the bulk, you don't notice it at first and then you glance down and realise your quads are sticking out a good inch or so further forward than they were before. All that previous effort to get into smaller jeans.. bah!

I think once I get out running again maybe the legs will size down again but right now I feel like a lean-legged beast with all the weights and cycling I'm doing. Not only that (I'm aware this is becoming a rant, stick with me), but why oh why, after building up so much more leg muscle, must my body still feel the urge to store enough leg fat for a whole leg in just the ankle area. You'd think that's be the first place to get rid, surely it makes more sense to keep some in the breast and lose some in the ankle?!

Phew, rant over. All in all though I do love the weights, and it's a surprisingly good workout - you don't realise so much but it does get the heart pumping and the blood flowing just as much as a cardio workout. Plus I keep telling myself that the more muscle I have the more calories I'll burn (and the more goodies I can eat), how true that is I'm not entirely sure but it's a good motivator nonetheless!

To the gym!

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  1. You best had been well behaved when I left you near the cookies at Tesco!!!!