Sunday, 5 September 2010

A little bit naughty..a lot of nice

Really the title of this should have been "I've eaten loads and loads of treats and been a complete rebel", but it's probably not quite as catchy. After the incredible success of keeping two tubs of Ben and Jerry's sealed in the freezer for nearly three days, I broke. Once opened, the Chocolate Macadamia lasted all of about six minutes, and what a truly wonderful six minutes it was!

I didn't even have any guilt about the first tub. I'd just gotten in from a tough few hours of calve-curdling mountain bike action and I was due a treat. The problem is, it opened up a can of very delicious worms and my crazy, greedy alter-ego emerged ready to devour every sugary delicacy I could lay my bulging, gluttonous eyes upon.

I tried to make up for it by bringing a super healthy lunch into work, but that lasted a whole ten minutes and before you could say "ant on a log" I was drooling over Tesco Finest cookies. There's a silver lining here though. After polishing off the bag I had a very strange feeling. I felt empty. Not empty of stomach, you understand (that's a feeling that never goes away in the bottomless pit of my gut) but empty emotionally. The cookies hadn't given me that wholesome chocolately hug that they normally do. They hadn't satisfied my urge. I realised I would've felt better if I'd just eaten a melon salad. I took a moment, the astonishingly inconceivable truth hit me. Cookies: I was over them.

I was so amazed at this healthy breakthrough, that on that very evening I celebrated with the second tub of Ben and Jerry's, but get this.. I shared it. Who would have ever thought I would share a tub of ice cream?! I really am a new person.

There are no treats left in the house now and I think my crazed multi-day gorge is over. So yes, I have been riotous, but lessons have been learned and if there was any week is was going to happen, this has been a good one as I have been cramming in the training hours and being super active. So long as I end up calorie-neutral by my next weigh-in, it's all good!

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