Friday, 13 August 2010

An Uncertain Period of Time

This - I warn you now fellas - is going to be a post that only the girls will be able to empathise with, so I recommend that all the chaps skip it.

Since I last blogged, I have had some ups and downs. I discovered I was selected for a new job that I applied for some time ago, which I am chuffed about. So I shall have a new job and a new place to live come September - very exciting. Of course with this though comes extra organisation, sorting and paperwork. There's been various other bits and pieces going on that I won't bore you with, but I've felt a bit overwhelmed by it all!

Training hasn't been great. I've been feeling pretty tired and lethargic, not my usual energised self. I've even been struggling a bit with getting up in the morning, whereas normally I jump up with a start and am suspiciously happy and awake first thing.

Men, still reading? I'm about to openly talk about menstruation.. don't say I didn't warn you! 

I went to the Doctor last week as I haven't been having periods. He said it was quite normal for someone that's lost a bit of weight and is doing more exercise than normal and that I shouldn't worry until it gets to about 9 months or so.

I secretly love not getting periods. They are the bane of my life and anyone who knows me well will know that I am very much in favour of sterilisation, especially as small children are the spawn of Satan and I will never, ever wish to even be in the company of one for more than a day let alone have one of my own.

The thing is, when you don't get them it is just a bit of a worry. It can't be healthy - surely there must be some build up somewhere in there? I started to worry that when it came back (if it ever did!) that there would be some sort of murder-scene inspired torrent! Still reading fellas? Regretting it?

So, I was saying how I've been feeling a bit tired this week. I've had a headache for about three days and I figured maybe I haven't been eating or sleeping enough so I ate loads, slept loads. It didn't help. I felt worse, mostly worse through guilt of the eating loads. I'll admit when I say I ate loads I really do mean it, I thought a whole tub of Ben & Jerrys might help the headache you see (frozen yoghurt, the healthy version of B&J - obviously)! Then I was convinced I was getting fat.. I kept spying myself in the mirror and examining the side profile, yep, fat.

Last night I went to the gym and a mere 30 minutes later I was just not feeling it, I left having barely broken into a sweat and feeling absolutely rubbish.

This morning I woke up and what is this? Wow, for the first time in five months I got my period! Hurrah! I have never been so happy to get one in all my life. The bloating has gone and I feel marvellous. Turns out all it was was a bit of PMT. Phew! It had been so long I'd forgotten about all the symptoms that come with our monthly offloading.

So ladies, I would like to celebrate the period: our fantastic excuse to be grumpy and eat ice cream! Long may they continue!

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  1. Excellent l'il Egg! You blog has cheered me no end, and I've giggled my way though your words! Thank you xx