Sunday, 15 August 2010

Last Man Standing..

I used to pride myself on being a particularly hardcore party animal. In fact I think these crazy times were probably a good, solid foundation on which to build up the stamina for endurance sports. Long nights with lots of sambuca and little to no sleep followed by a long working day.. and repeat.

I used to pride myself on regularly being the "last man standing".. or at least leaning in a peculiar manner.. against something solid.. or occasionally thinking it was solid when it was actually a bush. Honestly though, what with being so ridiculously competitive there have been many nights where I just didn't sleep so I could win (or more likely staying up the longest to ensure I am the most up to date with all the gossip or who went where and more importantly, with whom).

I chuckled to myself this evening as I came to the end of my swim session and realised I was the last one in the water, it's like a much healthier version of "last man standing!" I wasn't even trying or being competitive or anything. It probably only happened as I was a bit late (and got told off too for sneaking in!) and swam slower than most of the others, but it felt very satisfying nonetheless.

I shall mention too that I timed myself on a 400m swim tonight and am delighted to report that I have a new pool PB of 9:40:7 which is just under a minute and a half faster than my previous timed attempt!

This not running business (whilst still upsetting me immensely) is obviously paying off in other ways!

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