Sunday, 8 August 2010

End to the Carnage

It's over, and I am absolutely exhausted. The week of unhealthyness began with a visit from my mother who - for the record - wasn't too bad an influence on me. But we did drink a good amount of wine and eat a good amount of food.

This was followed by a night where the drinking was not really kept under control whatsoever, and my drinking companion Hannah WAS a bad influence by a) forcing me to swap drinks so I had to consume some nasty blue stuff and b) by entertaining me with "day-after-drinking-chat" so I didn't get up and go to the gym as planned.

In amongst this a well-wisher had brought us in a box of chocolates at work and Rachel kept bringing in treats and telling me "help myself", as if I need encouragement!

Then I went off to Brighton where I drank a substantial amount of anything going and ate more savoury snacks than a pregnant woman at a wedding buffet.

Food, drinking and lack of exercise aside, all in all, it was a very fun, laughter-filled week and - and let's face it - everyone agrees that laughter is healthy, don't they?!

Admittedly I do feel like complete and utter crap. Having filled my body with junk that it's not used to I feel like a useless, tired lump. I've viewing this as a positive. It's a fantastic motivator for me to get back to my healthy ways. So, the blow-out is over and Hegg (Healthy Egg) is back. Today I've been for an early morning lake session and been to the gym, I've been to tesco to buy a colourful array of fruit and veg and I've even made myself a good old strawberry smoothie!

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