Monday, 2 August 2010

Out of Control

I need to confess. I've lost the plot a bit the last couple of weeks. With the whole not running thing and then resting a bit before the triathlon, eating copious amounts of ice cream at the Ben and Jerrys Festival and resting a bit after.. my exercise regime has slowed down and my eating has increased exponentially. Add this to the fact that I went out to a brilliantly fun hockey social on Friday and had a few glasses of naughty and more carrot cake than a family of cake-eating rabbits could have eaten.

The truth is after I blogged about the fact that I was feeling a bit knackered I haven't quite gotten back to full form despite feeling very much rested. I know the not running bit isn't an excuse but it has messed up my motivation a little bit because at the moment I don't have an event that I'm working towards, it was the half-marathon in September and I think that one is going to go out the window.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't stopped training completely and gorged on millions of treats.. I have just been a bit slack and need a kick up the backside. I broke today, I ate a pack of cookies and a club sandwich from a local sandwich shop which is very aptly named "Doorsteps". The sandwich was without a shadow of a doubt, the largest sandwich I have ever encountered. Was that a problem? Of course not!

Now the rest of the week will involve a visit from my mum (and with it - I'm sure - more glasses of naughty and eating out) followed by going out on Thursday to Salisbury's brand new gay night (cue cocktails) and then a trip to Brighton to visit some friends of the very messy variety. Unless I acquire a brand new set of willpower, it's going to be a tough week on the being healthy side of things.

It's so easy to say "I'll start again on Monday" but I always shake my head when other people say this because I think if you really want to change you should do it NOW.

Step 1 is out of the way. Admitting you have a problem. Now I am going to make a pledge and this is very important because all of you that will see me and be around me in the next week especially need to help me out here. For August there's no point saying I'm not going to have a drink because there is too much partying to do, so instead my pledge is that:

a) although I will drink, I will not turn into Negg (Naughty Egg: my drunken alter-ego for those of you who are not lucky enough to have met her) and be completely and utterly squiffy.

b) I will not engage in any drink-fuelled late-night eating of kebabs, pizza etc.

c) I will choose healthy options in eating out situations and avoid dribbling over the dessert menu.

d) Cookies and carrot cake (my two biggest weaknesses) are BANNED.

e) All dancing activity will be very energetic so that some sort of aerobic workout is had.

As you can see, I will need your support, though hopefully just mentally and not physically if goal a) is maintained. It starts now! ...and I'm off to the gym.

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  1. 'NEGG' Love it! Hope I get to see her tonight!