Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Putting in some Legwork

You want the good news or the bad news?

The bad news is that I'm off running for the time being. The good news - therefore (for you) - is that I won't be banging on about running the whole time. Yes I hear your sighs of relief.

The niggle I've had in my knee for the last month or so had gradually morphed into full-on pain and it turned out no amount of icing, ibuprofen or ignoring it made a difference. I rested it since last Monday so as not to aggrevate it before the triathlon, and during the run I still felt it, but the pain of the early-onset-stitch and the sheer adrenaline took over ensuring I forgot about the knee completely. Come the next day though I was in a world of hurt and it was time for some professional help. 

I managed to get a last-minute appointment with a physio who came highly recommended. After the most thorough and comprehensive examination I have ever encountered (I was there almost 3 hours!) the result was simple. I have the leg muscles of a hamster.

Basically I've started doing a lot of exercise and haven't built up the muscle I need to support all the extra exertion. So I have now been given a full on leg-strength program that will turn me into a lean, mean running machine with thighs and buns of steel. 

Of course I am sad that I need to stop running for a while. Having put in the hours and the hard work and progressed to a level that I'd never reached before - it's a real bummer that I will lose a bit of the running endurance and have to start over again.

It would be easy now to lose myself in a depressive pit of ice-cream and cake, but this is not "Egg gets the grump because she can't go running" this is "Egg Goes Healthy" and there's plenty more I can be working on whilst I'm not running. In fact it'll free up some time to work on my swimming technique and I can do some cycling on the usual running club nights - ideal.

It's a case of "watch this space" for if I'll be able to do the half-marathon I'd planned for September but we shall see how it goes.

Right, I'm off to do some calf raises..


  1. ok, now we need an 'Egg special' on those leg exercises - particularly any that might tone thighs... Charlie :D

  2. Agreed..egg want pics and descriptions of said exercises!!

  3. Hahah I'll upload a vid when I'm a pro at them (Charlie, you can do the workout over your way!) the "clam-shell" is a particular favourite. Whoever knew getting your legs open could be so difficult?!

  4. you can certainly spin Egg put everyone to shame, its great your so postitive love it your an inspiration to us all...........x

  5. 'CLAM SHELL' conjures up a whole giggling fit of images!! Love the blogs l'il Egg.
    Mum xx