Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Being a social climber

With all the training I have been putting in recently, it appears I have actually forgotten to do all the normal person stuff like socialising and sitting down for a meal. As friends and family start using words like "obsessed" and "addicted" in relation to my current regime - I realised it's time to readdress the balance. Realistically, finding ways to exercise pre- and post-work probably shouldn't be something I do every day of the week.. but if I can find ways of fitting in the socialising whilst still being active then that can only be a good thing! Last night I did something totally different. I went out for an evening of climbing with the girls from work. Climbing is something I have always had an interest in but it's something I've never really gotten very good at or stuck with. But none of that matters at all when it's such a giggle. Between clambering very ungracefully up a few routes, hauling myself as far up the wall as possible and belly laughing at everything from being 'speed-lowered' to Anna's pre-climbing 'tai-chi' routine we all had a good couple of hours of social, active, healthy goodness. Yes, I went a WHOLE day where I didn't do any running, biking or swimming and I felt like I was being a total rebel. But in reflection, climbing was a good workout for other bits of the body and about as fun as a night out can get without involving sambuca. I'm certainly going to stick with a fairly gruelling (I say gruelling, but really I love it) routine. But involving other activities fairly regularly should definitely be a part of it. Variety being the spice of life and all that. I'll admit after getting to bed post-climb just before midnight, I did then get up at 5am to head to the lake for a morning swim. Obsessed? No! Ok, maybe a tad, but I did feel suitably refreshed and ready for the day after a morning dip. Anyway, climbing shall be a regular feature in my monthly calendar as it's brilliant, both for the body and for my sanity!

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