Thursday, 15 July 2010

A note about spinning

I did two spinning classes today. It wasn't my original intention, but I was feeling especially guilty from scoffing a pack of (incredibly wonderful and delicious) triple chocolate chip cookies and then discovered there had been a cancellation on the usually very busy evening class. It was meant to be.

It's been a while since I've been spinning, as I've just been going out cycling instead in all this good weather we've been having and the work schedule hasn't fitted in with the spinning class schedule. I'd forgotten how much I absolutely love it.

Why is there so much allure to sitting in a hot, packed room full of extremely sweaty people? Well for one, the instructor has always got that little glint in their eye, you know they're watching you and judging you. They know if you're working or if you're slacking off, and you know they know because if you do slack off they shoot you a fierce look. Or they'll say something that looks like it's directed at the whole group but you know they meant it for you.. They all say you should work at your own level but if you have a good spinning instructor they'll make you want to impress them and you'll push as hard as you can.

The second reason is that usually in the group somewhere is at least one proper hottie, and this is a brilliant motivation. Of course it's not a great time to pull when your face is as red as a tomato and the sweat is dripping off your chin but it does make the time fly by!

But my favourite thing about spinning, and stay with me here.. is the amount of sweat you produce. No other activity I have ever partaken in even comes close. Within ten minutes it's running off my eyelashes and my neck, my whole arm is beading perspiration and a puddle is slowly forming around me. It's brilliant. It makes you feel like you have had an absolutely mega workout and at the end you realise everyone is as disgusting as you are and that gives you a great sense of camaraderie with your fellow spinners.

So, if you're able to deal with the smell of yourself for about 45 minutes and you want to feel absolutely awesome, get a very absorbent towel and do a class. Hell, do two!

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