Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Egg and the Temptation of the Chocolate Loaf

The antibiotics are kicking in, finally. I know I'm getting better because I've been having a serious dose of the sweats, which my mum has always said is the body getting it all out. Wise words. I am however, nowhere near 100% just yet. An attempt in the gym yesterday evening proved that the old lungs aren't quite up to scratch as a moderate 10 minutes on the cross-trainer quickly veered downhill into a red-faced coughing fit and a skyrocketing heart rate. After another fairly relaxed day today though I am feeling confident that tomorrow will be the day. Of course with this serious lack of exercise, the whole controlled, healthy-eating thing is so much more important. Today - I am pleased to report - has been a very healthy day. I should report that I did have a bit of a near-miss. A quick dash into Sainsbury on the way home from work almost became a fatfest after a glance at their reduced shelf exposed a "Taste the Difference Chocolate Loaf".. effectively a cakey loaf of chocolatey goodness with chunky chocolate chips. It was reduced to 49p! A whole squidgy treat of cocoa utopia for just 49p! It took a fairly substantial whack of willpower to stop drooling and imagining the knife slicing through the gooey chocolate insides and chunks of chocolate rolling off the plate into my mouth.. anyway.. I got some kiwifruit instead. Egg: 1 Chocolate: 0


  1. Well done! You have re-inspired me to be a bit more cautious with what goes in...although I did have a good munch on some Percy Pigs yesterday.
    Good thing was - I felt quite sick after!

    p.s next time we get together, I will teach you some NLP techniques to help

  2. v impressed with your will power...mine is non-existent. I left it at my 1st conference I think.