Sunday, 22 January 2012

Entrepreneur Egg: Sports Bra with Insulating Nipple Pads

I don't generally feel the cold. Even if my hands are starting to lose sensation and my nose is frost-nipped and running uncontrollably, I still have a general feel of warmness about me, so long as I'm engaging in some sort of exercise.

There is one part of my body though, that struggles with the cold: the nipples. Even if my body is emanating heat on a tough winter run as I'm frantically rolling up my sleeves, if a stiff breeze is flowing, the nipples will make sure I know about it. They're almost like a very sensitive thermometer that also detects wind chill, getting pointier with every degree dropped.

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't a matter of pride, dignity or prudishness (which by the way, is an official word). I don't have a problem with anybody who wishes to show off their erect nipples; in fact, seeing other erect nipples out on a run almost gives me a slight sense of camaraderie. My problem is that once those puppies are cold, it actually starts to become a bit painful!

Wearing a jacket is out of the question. After less than a mile I'd be a grumpy sweaty mess and have to resort to tying it around my waist, then I'd have to endure the flappy annoyingness of it. I do love a faff-free running experience and flappy jackets do not a happy Egg make.

I can't be the only running woman out there with this issue. For now I've cut up a couple of circles of fleece that I try to carefully position, but once I'm off running they end up in all sorts of peculiar places. So, my genius idea would be to create a winter-specific sports bra with additional, insulated pads in the nippular area, or even just a bra with windstopper cups. Then I could run freely in my little t-shirt in winter with happy nipples!


  1. Try plasters,a well known fix for when they start to chafe on runs, might help to keep the heat in. ;)