Sunday, 9 October 2011

Never Drinking Again

On a Sunday morning, many thousands of people around the world are saying the same words, "I am never drinking again". At that moment in time, I am sure every single one genuinely means it. A few days later, the pain is forgotten and the remnants of kebab have disappeared. Saturday night is merely remembered as "legendary" and those fuzzy flashbacks only include the fun stuff, not the bit where you fell over on the dance floor or decided to share your woes with a bouncer for an hour or gave your number to someone wholly inappropriate.

When I started going healthy, booze was one of the first things I ditched, and I really didn't miss it at all. In fact, I discovered that going out and not drinking is actually more entertaining as you document the ridiculous actions of others and can revel in clear-headedly sharing that knowledge in the following days.

It does appear however, that I have sunk back into some bad habits in the last few months and 'the odd glass of wine' has become "Well.. might as well finish the bottle". It's not even the alcohol itself that I enjoy, it's just being out and being sociable - and that can easily be achieved without being fuelled up on the hard stuff.

My genius idea after I had staggered home: pin this to
any bottles lurking in the house.
The only thing that makes not drinking difficult is the pressure that other people put on you to drink, there's always at least one friend who will point blank refuse to order you a water at the bar, that is of course, until you've reached the point of no return and then that same friend is desperately trying to make you down the stuff whilst you're slumped in the corner somewhere and can't face drinking anything at all. If they had just ordered you a water in the first place...  

So that's it. I am going back to teetotalism. It's not boring, it's not antisocial and I like the feeling of being bright and chirpy of a morning rather than feeling like my head is ten seconds behind my body!

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  1. You see Egg, that's what happens when you let naughty people lead you astray!! Lol x