Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Lil Ride

I am currently undergoing the biggest bike-buying drama that I think the world has ever seen. I decided I would hold off buying a new road bike until after the winter and all I want is a pretty (and by pretty I mean not red or black), small-framed cyclocross with decent components to double as my commuting bike, winter trainer, general packhorse and possibly even an actual cyclocross bike if I ever decide to sign up for a race.

For some reason, any bike I try to purchase either ceases to exist, or doesn't come in my size, or isn't available until April 2015 or worst of all, only comes in red. Why on earth they don't make more blue, yellow and green bikes I do not know. Red clashes terribly with my face.

Fortunately I am feeling a lot of mountain biking love at the moment; Roxy and I have been spending a bit of quality time together and for the time being, we are getting along just fine. In fact - despite the last week possibly  being the rainiest of the year so far - I thoroughly enjoyed some wet and very dirty rides in and out of work, making the most of getting off-road.

For regular use however, a mountain bike just is not suitable. It's a bit slow and mucky and if I rode it every day I'd spend my entire life commuting and being utterly filthy. So until my bike dilemma is sorted, I was very kindly offered a bike to ride in the interim by the small but perfectly formed couple that are the Boardmans.

Charlie's bike is tiny. It's a Giant SCR 1.0 in the smallest possible size that an adult bike can come in. It is for this reason that I named her Lil, because she is. Despite her size though, she is quick off the mark with her teeny 650 wheels and she's sharp around the corners. In fact, I have felt really in control with her compared to the long-limbed Bianca. Being so small though, she is a bit twitchy and it has taken me a good few rides to get used to the new level of responsiveness.

The gearing is bizarre; it's a standard but also a triple, so you can put some good power through the pedals but then if you run out of steam you could drop into the little ring and spin like a lunatic. Going from compact to standard did make me realise how much easier riding a compact actually is. The love of hills is a little bit lost with Lil, but my current state of fitness probably doesn't help with that either!

We've had a fun time over the past few weeks getting to know each other, so thank you Mike and Charlie for hooking us up, but she's a bit too demanding and feisty for me. I need a more long-term, sturdy lady companion. 

The search continues..

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