Saturday, 1 January 2011

I Resolve

New year resolutions are always a bit rubbish aren't they? Usually made whilst in some sort of festively inebriated state, they are normally totally impractical and then as soon as you mess one of them up you give up completely and revert to your previous ways!

So instead of making resolutions per se, I shall stick with what worked last year and create some long-term and short-term goals for 2011. The other thing I learnt last year was that the whole 'giving up stuff' doesn't really work for me, purely because when the end date arrives I become some sort of rabid animal and over-indulge on whatever it was I had been going without. With that in mind, I won't be giving up anything for 2011. Instead I shall focus on what I need more of and hopefully that will displace all the stuff I need less of!

Long Term Goals

Swim an 8 minute 400m. The swimming thing really came together in 2010 so now I need to persevere with swim sessions and try to knock some time off.

Run a 24 minute 5k. My fastest 5k last year was 25.34, I started to get close to the 8 minute mile before I had my knee injury, now that I've started to run again I want to bring this goal back in. 

Hit 11,000rpm on the powerball - tough one!

Get up Tryfan without breaking an arm (or leg, or anything else!)

Walk and ride the South Downs Way. I have nearly made it to the SDW several times in the last couple of years but something always happens to prevent me from going. This year I will make it!

Do some time-trialling on the bike. This was another one I intended to do last year and never got around to.

Short Term Goals

Get back into running very steadily, 2-3 runs per week.

Eat more vegetables! Must consume some sort of vegetable matter every day.

9000rpm on the powerball this month - I'm already getting close!

Get in the pool at least two times a week. I have been so slack in this department, but two times a week is definitely achievable. Obviously I won't be doing any proper swimming until the arm is fixed but pool-running and kick drills still count!

If I do buy a bag of cookies, share them.

Sorted. I'd recommend my sister's website at for anybody else who wants to make some achievements this year. She's taught me loads about making effective goals and staying motivated- cheers sis!

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  1. Hey - yes, yes, yes to the time trial thingy - count Victor in as transport and SB as the granny at the back!