Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Challenge results!

I stepped on the scales tentatively on Tuesday morning. Whilst I'd done quite a considerable amount of exercise over the Christmas break, and eaten reasonably healthily - I had still been having the odd chocolate treat and glass of something bubbly, plus a delicious meal out at a local Italian restaurant (with THE best garlic bread I think I've ever eaten). So suffice to say I was nervous, was I going to reach my goal of 55kgs?

Adam had challenged me to a ten minute wall sit, which a number of people declared was a physical impossibility.. but I managed 7 minutes and 11 seconds (and will continue to reattempt!)

Sarah B had challenged me the the trek across the Plains which had all gone well. Then you have the lunges, the silly distances on the crosstrainer, loads of turbo training etc etc.

In general, and especially given the season, I thought I had been really rather good and decided I would bear that in mind whatever the result.

..55.4kgs. Damnit! Didn't quite make it, but a good start to the year and still a good amount of December weight lost.


  1. awesome job - very commendable :D Charlie

  2. You are truly bonkers Egg, but well done indeed!

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