Thursday, 28 October 2010

Two-timing with the Lady of the Night

Those of you that regularly read my blog will know that I really love my bikes and cycling, so much so that I have what some will consider to be a slightly unhealthy relationship with my two-wheeled lady friends.

Bianca - my road bike - is sort of like my wife. We spend time together nearly every day doing the same mundane things. I know she's reliable and trustworthy and we're very comfortable in each other's company. Occasionally we'll have fun days out together or sit having tea in a lovely country spot. Every now and then we might have a little tiff but we forgive and forget and just make our bond stronger. I'll admit, I think about going for a younger, hotter specimen with a deliciously smooth and light body but really she's all I need and we have plenty of good times.

Roxy, on the other hand, is my bit on the side. She's mucky, curvaceous and absolutely wild. I sneak out with her for nights of breathless excitement and I know I can go to her when I want a bit of pure filth. She is however, completely uncontrollable, we definitely need to spend some more time together so I can learn how to handle her.

We did go for a naughty night time adventure last night and I couldn’t tell if it was her or me, but something wasn’t quite right. It was harder work than usual and I finished the ride tired, achy and a little bit unsatisfied. A closer inspection revealed that it was in fact her, so grimy she is that everything is a bit clogged up and with all the rough riding (more specifically, rough falling over) we’ve been doing she’s gotten a bit battered and bent out of shape. She’s going to get a pampering this evening before we head out for another dark and dirty session in the forest.

After last night’s hard effort I felt huge relief this morning as the ride to work with Bianca was superb – my quickest commute yet. Obviously the most satisfying moments come when you stick with what you know! The day was further brightened by the Thursday morning weekly weigh-in; I’d managed to lose another pound. The banning of cake, chocolate and biscuits is obviously having an effect, though the weight loss could well be due to the stress of not having them in my life rather than the actual calorie depletion!

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