Friday, 1 October 2010


Unlike the manic beer-fuelled German extravaganza, my version of this epic event will mostly involve lots and lots of lovely exercise.

Having had a glance back through my September training log, I realised that I actually wussed out of swimming much more than I thought I did. I spent a grand total of two and a half hours in the pool compared to just over twenty-one hours cycling. Woops! With winter starting to close in, now is the perfect opportunity to really start getting closer to the 8 minute 400m!

My '8 stone by Christmas' goal hasn't really taken off yet either. I'm still dangerously close to toppling back over the 9 stone barrier, so it's really time to reign in the willpower. We are doing a weekly weigh-in in the office so that is excellent motivation for me, and my 24 hour diet/detox this weekend shall hopefully get me on my way.

Hopefully I shall also be able to get back into the running over the next few weeks, I never thought Icould ever be this excited about being able to go for a run - truly a changed woman!

The tee-totalism of September was almost a complete success too, minus one small incident involving a party in London, some vodka punch and eggy-measures of sambuca (like eggy-measures of anything really, large).
In summary, the plan is to have a good balance this month of varied activities.

Goals for October:

1. Cycle no less than 500 miles between today and the end of the month. It started today with an extremely wet and murky commute. Nobody (Nicky Webb..) can call me a fair-weather cyclist after that!

2. Build back into running, slowly. No tagging along on fast and/or long runs. Must be sensible!

3. Do three swim sessions a week - no wussing out.

4. Be 5lbs lighter at the end of the month.

That's all for now!

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