Sunday, 3 October 2010

24 Hour Diet - Part 2

After a night of tossing and turning on account of being so very excited about my detox, I couldn't even bring myself to have the Sunday morning lay-in I had planned. I was up with a start and ready for a day of seriously hardcore juicing.

Liz had very cruelly left an open box of chocolates about the place with the offer to "help myself", she clearly wasn't feeling the detox spirit. I was going to be having a very disciplined day, sticking to the eating plan and drinking my 2 litres of water.

7:45 Homemade Lemon and Honey Tea - a very simple but refreshing start to the day.
8:45 Breakfast (or "Body Blender Breakfast", as it is so called) - an unusual combination of porridge oats, wheatgerm, flaxseed, prunes and a few other bits of stuff. I was disappointed that my breakfast looked like cat sick, but after dressing it with pumpkin seeds and a few cranberries it did look slightly more palatable. It tasted of nothing at all really. If I had it again I think I'd ditch the bowl and spoon, close my eyes, pinch my nose and gulp it down in one go.

Up until lunchtime I was allowed an apple, 6 almonds and a cup of "detox tea". This tea, was quite possibly the best discovery of the day. It's a mixture of mints, dandelion and burdock, liquorice root, and other goodies and it tastes absolutely delicious. Everybody should skip one of their daily coffees and try this! Almonds are also surprisingly filling, I had a hunger pang at around 11 and the nuts sorted that right out!

13:00 The brilliantly named Vitality Soup - when I first read the recipe for this it looked very tasty, without going through all the ingredients with you it was basically a tomato and chilli soup. It was at second glance I realised that there was no actual cooking involved. The raw ingredients are all blended and you eat it cold. It wasn't completely unpleasant, the flavour itself was spicy and nice enough. I just couldn't quite get over the fact that I was eating cold vegetably mush!

15:30 My afternoon snack (if you can call it that) was another lemon and honey tea, shortly followed by a "Sanity Snack", which are little balls of mashed up nuts and dried fruits rolled in pure cocoa powder. Now these were moreish, as least they were after I managed to remove the sticky mess from the food blender. It's a major hassle to blend any sort of dried fruit, but these really were worth the mess, I'd make them on real food days and everything!

17:30 Dinner was yummy but disappointingly unfulfilling. Orange and banana juice with almond butter, another slightly unusual combination but again, marvellous flavour. I didn't bother taking a photo, mostly because it just looks like lumpy orange juice.

I am now supposed to not have anything until a detox tea before bed. I thought maybe I could go to bed around 19:00 so there would be less chance for temptation, but given that the X Factor is on tonight, that's not really a possibility. It's going to be a tough few hours, I'll tell you that much!

Hunger levels have actually not been too bad considering, but I have really missed solid food. It's quite unsatisfying eating liquid food all day. I reckon though if I make it through the evening I should definitely be thinner tomorrow! Bring on the detox tea...

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