Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Finis Tempo Trainer

I bought this little gizmo a couple of months ago as a last ditch attempt to motivate me to get in the pool and do some training. You can set it so it beeps after so many seconds, allowing you to swim up and down whilst keeping to a certain pace. I was a convert the first time I used it as it suddenly dawned on me that regulating my erratic pace made the whole thing so much easier. Unfortunately it doesn't make you magically swim faster.. at least I didn't think it did until yesterday..

On a recent blog post I wrote about discovering the joy of using a metronome (or in this case, a wetronome) to time your stroke. Inspired by this session, I immediately went home and tried to see if I could make my Finis Tempo Timer do the same thing. I was delighted to see that it does, it just requires a little bit of thinking to convert between stroke rate and strokes per second. 

The great thing about this metronome compared to the wetronome is that you can see the digital display and you just press a button to change the values, it really could not be simpler. The other thing that makes me really happy is that it is very low profile and - unlike the chunky wetronome - fits easily under the swim cap without causing a big, drag-inducing lump!

Incredibly just by changing my stroke rate alone (and the credit for this really should go to my coach rather than the product itself) I dropped 38 seconds off my 400m time compared to last week, for what felt like much less effort. Of course that could be due to the fact that my stroke rate previously was an absolute mess, but nonetheless I think that is money very well spent!

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