Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bicycle Bliss

I have been noticeably grumpy for the last few months. On many an eve I have gazed mournfully at the bent-out-of-shape Bianca, remembering the adventures we had, personal bests we trashed together and all the good times we shared. I despaired as I thought life without her and her garish orange handlebars would  never be the same again.

Giant TCX W
On numerous outings looking for a new bike I came home empty-handed. Looking back, I think I just wasn't ready to move on yet. My heart was set on a cyclocross for winter training and commuting to work. I knew deep in my heart that I couldn't get a new road bike yet, I just couldn't let Bianca go.

After what seemed (not only to me, but to the long-suffering people I share an office with who had to endure my endless scouring of the internet and bike-obsessed chat) like an eternity, I finally found a shop that could get hold of the cyclocross bike I wanted: the Giant TCX W; a new women's specific model and one of the only cyclocross bikes on the market that was small enough to fit me. Not only that, but it is a very nice shade of blue too. Blue like Bianca.

I headed to the shop at the weekend to get fitted and whilst I browsed the array of carbon delicacies, something with a dash of yellow caught my eye. The Scott CR1 Comp. I've never really looked at Scott bikes before but this one was a beaut. The minute I laid eyes on her I had butterflies in my stomach; something just felt.. right. But alas, it was a man's model and my heart sank as I realised it was not meant to be.

Scott CR1 Comp
I don't know if it was a merely a friendly shop assistant who was in the right place at the right time or if my guardian angel had come to save my soul, but as I went to turn away, a bearded man appeared from nowhere and said the magic words "Just two of those left now in XXS, it won't work for most of our customers, want to see if it fits you?". The seed was sown; I fought hard to resist the urge and played it cool for a good, solid ten minutes or so. It was no good, I could feel my heart beating in my chest and I had to try it for size, imagine living with regret! 

She was perfect. 

A couple of hours later I was the extremely happy owner of two new bikes. A poor person, yes, but a happy person. As my mum always says "It doesn't matter if you're poor, so long as you're rich in love", and I am. Head over heels.

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  1. Darling, I knee that one day you would full understand that little saying of mine! xx