Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Eggathon

It may look like a pepper with a bad case of d&v, but it
tastes delicious!
I haven't really been doing anything in particular for the last couple of weeks, without a big event on the horizon or any sort of major goal to aim for I have been trundling along and filling my time with random but very enjoyable training, creating more dubious combinations of food and marshalling other races.

Whilst I like having my goals to work towards it is actually really nice just to be training for the sake of enjoyment and doing all the stuff that I love without any of the pressure of "must do this session this week". 

I also think that I may have sort of reached a bit of a milestone. As I tucked into my very tasty spicy couscous with sesame and pine nut stuffed peppers I got to thinking:

1. It has been weeks since I've eaten cookies, I can even look straight at them in the supermarket now without them spontaneously combusting into my basket.
2. I have been experimenting with a whole host of different vegetables in my cooking and am now particularly fond of asparagus and aubergine.
3. My lunch for work has been consisting of a super healthy salad at least 92%* of the time.

I feel very much like I'm not going healthy anymore, I'm just being healthy in general. Of course it is an ongoing process and I still have daily battles with my insatiable appetite, but for the most part, going healthy is going very well.

This healthy reputation for good food and a very active lifestyle is obviously preceding me, as earlier this week Holly (of 5k Parkrun fame) decided that "The Eggathon" would be a suitable nickname for me. Whilst I do absolutely love this as a nickname, much hilarious conversation has led to the conclusion that an Eggathon would make for an epic event. I knew the old, less healthy Egg was lurking in there somewhere as I suggested - with unanimous agreement -  that an Eggathon should involve eating as much food as humanly possible in a certain period of time (rules would have to be confirmed, I think every food group should be included and being sick would lead to disqualification). Competitors would then be in race against the clock to burn off the same amount of calories as fast as possible. Ingenious!

Personally I think it would make a good December event when most people spend a lot of time eating anyway and all stomachs will be nicely warmed up and ready for the challenge. Some sort of handicap system would have to be implemented to balance out the varied appetites of those partaking.

For now though, this Eggathon is all about the salad and vegetables.

*Statistic completely made up. Does not include snacks.

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