Monday, 27 June 2011

Back to Bad Habits

It all started on Thursday which - surprise surprise - was my rest day. There should be a rule where I never go to Tesco on a rest day, as I have all that excess time to peruse the treats and wander slowly through the bakery section inhaling the amazing aromas. I bought a bag of cookies, my first bag in about five weeks. Finest Triple Chocolate. They were the absolute perfect amount of squidge versus crunch and I was momentarily whisked away to a chocolatey utopia.

So, one bag of cookies, not that naughty really? Well, no, but the next day they were followed by all you can eat Chinese buffet and amazing crumbly fudge from Truly Scrumptious Treats; a new fudge shop that has opened in Salisbury, and one that I am physically unable to walk past without going in and ogling the array of freshly made fudge. The evening was then fuelled by Pimms, but at least we all got our five a day from the fruit-filled cocktail and vegetable crudites, I was still making a good effort to try to be healthy.

It's still not that bad. One bag of cookies and one slightly off day. In fact I thought I had it all under control as we munched down some muesli for brekkie and took a load of fruit for snacks on our journey up north to see family. I felt very smug as I refused cake after lunch and everything.

Then there was more Pimms, and the BBQ was going. A frenzied meat craving took over my willpower as I had seconds, thirds and fourths. Having lost all control there was no hope as we cracked open the second cake of the day. I didn't even pretend I was going to have a small slice. One huge chunk later and that Eggy hunger was still there; I ended up finishing the cake completely and then making light work of all the leftover crumbs and icing. The dog was gutted!

The next day was the biggest fail. A lunch buffet. Any kind of buffet is my biggest weakness; the problem is that there is always far too much food, then people will come to me for help to finish it all and I feel bad saying no! I tried frantically to fill my plate with salad but I couldn't resist the quiche and the chicken and the incredibly soft freshly-baked white bread and the cocktail sausages. 

Then the desserts came out. A vastly excessive amount of sweet stuff; two cheesecakes, a chocolate gateaux, a light and crispy chocolate biscuit selection that was melting at a rate of knots and ice cream. I started with just a small portion of cheesecake but before I knew it I had almost subconsciously had a bit of everything, then another bit of everything. I came down from my eating high only to find a huge food baby in my gut, fingers covered in melted chocolate and crumbs in the cleavage. 

Instead of feeling satisfied, I just felt disappointed in myself. I want to blame the family for enticing me with the naughty stuff but really I must accept that I have had a will-power fail. However - as always - one must not dwell. Today I was back on the healthy food and a day full of weight-lifting, running and cycling has put me back on the right tracks and refreshed the healthy motivation!

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