Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Eating Raw Vegetables

Raw Foodism is kicking off. Whilst I think it's a good concept, I cannot advocate "going raw", mainly because I have a lot of love for things that are cooked and couldn't live without big chunks of meat and cake.

I have however, experimented with some raw food treats in recent times. Raw food brownies were a great success (effectively blended and squashed dates, nuts and pure cocoa) and I have discovered that avocado lends itself very well to a number of developmental desserts as an alternative to butter and/or cream.

Eating some food raw is definitely better for you in my opinion, as you get the full nutritional value that diminishes with cooking. Not only that but I reckon if your body is busy digesting, it is probably spending less time telling you you're hungry. Vegetables and fruit are the obvious (and safest!) choices. So with this in mind, I set out making myself a dinner of raw vegetables to see how satisfying it would be.

Admittedly the actual reason I did this was that I had loads of veg leftover in the fridge as well as remnants of a few bits of dip from the weekend, and as I was feeling a bit lazy, it was a quick and easy feast to make. Not only that but as yesterday was a full on rest day I figured a super healthy dinner would be a good idea.

I always have an idea that I could be really good and 'fill up' on salad. Realistically though, this never happens. You never get full from salad you just get bored of eating it and then half an hour later you go on the hunt for biscuits. The only salads that do fill you up are ones that are full of meat or come with huge wedges of bread, and that sort of defeats the object of the game. 

My vegetable feast however, was surprisingly filling. I had a combination of a celery, carrots, cauliflower and peppers and I was actually amazed that I felt full. It must've been all that raw food digestion! Or it could have been the dips. Chunky houmous probably did help a bit. 

I did unearth some brilliant veg'n'dip combos. Cauliflower and salsa - awesome. Celery with sour cream and chive is a goer. Just for reference, celery and guacamole is NOT good, don't mix the green. In fact guacamole didn't really work with any of it and should definitely be left out of any future vegetabley ventures.

Luckily today I'm back on the exercise, and as much as I enjoyed my colourful veggie dinner, I am looking forward to something more warm and hearty this evening!


  1. I'm totally into the pot roasting at the mo...guess what I'm cooking on your birthday :-)